Manage Users

This is where you can add, invite, modify and delete users .

If a user has already been created in another unit, s/he only needs to be invited to the current unit.
To do this, click on Show all users Show all users , then enter a search term for the user to be found. The user can then be invited to the current unit by clicking on the blue "man with outstretched arms" symbol on the very right.

Add New User

Field Description
E-Mail The user's email to receive correspondence such as rest passwords.
Initial Abbreviation of the user. All work within Rostify is based on this abbreviation. It therefore should be unique for each user within your company.
User Name The user's login name. May only be assigned once in the entire database. Case insensitive.
Phone SMS correspondence is sent to this number, e.g. for shift swaps or shift proposals.
FTE Is the employee working part-time? Enter 100 for full-time employees.
Office Is the employee a job sharer? If so, enter the percentage the employee works in the non-operational area.
Gap After If checked, a gap is set before the next employee in printed rosters. to the next employee is left in the printed duty roster. This gap is marked in blue in the shift planning view.
Seniority Date The employee's seniority can be marked here. This is also used to carry out the initial sorting in the staff list view and in the roster. It does not have any further effects.
MAX. Requests The maximum number of roster requests available for this employee.
Active from/until The employee is only active in this unit during this period. No calculations are carried out outside this range, and the employee does not have any views available before or after this period. However, the representation in the roster is always for a whole month.
ATCO Optional if unlocked: Choose between two weekly working time models.

Assignment of Rights

Field Description
  • Invitation, creation, modification and deletion of users.
  • View of time accounts, modification of leave accounts
  • Management of rosters (creation, publication, archiving)
  • Management of leave (approval, cancellation of previously approved leave)
  • View of resources
  • List view of shift swaps, spontaneous absences and current time accounts
  • Supervision dashboard
  • Management of spontaneous absences
  • Management of overtime
  • Time clock for all employees
  • View of the group roster
  • Detailed view of own roster
  • Submission of roster requests
  • Calendar data export of own roster
  • Shift swaps
  • Application and cancellation of open leave requests
  • View of the group roster
  • View of the supervision dashboard
  • Creation and modification of their own roster in the current month (provided office shifts have been defined)
  • View of rosters of users defined as Trainer
Trainer The rosters of these users are visible to Trainees of the same unit in the personal roster view

Roster plans can only be created for active users of the category Staff

Delete Users

To Delete A User , no shift may be listed in their roster within the last THREE months.
If a user is still registered in other units, they are only removed from the current unit.
If a user is only registered at the current unit, their data record will be completely deleted.

List View Of Users

The ranking of users in the list view and thus in the roster is done by drag & drop . By rearranging a data record, the original ranking according to the seniority date is canceled.

Rights Symbols:
A: Administrator
P: Planner
U: Supervisor
S: Staff/Employee
O: Observer
T: Trainee
I: Trainer