Replacing A Shift

There are two ways to replace a shift.

  • By clicking on the ( →) arrow next to the shift to be replaced.
  • By clicking on the speech bubble symbol: this will initiate the process of sending of an SMS to all employees who are eligible for this shift.

    The speech bubble symbol is only visible if the SMS dispatch has been activated and the SMS quota has not yet been used.

After clicking the ( →) arrow, three input fields open.

  • The shift to be replaced is in the drop-down box.
  • To partially replace the shift, select a number of hours and starting time.
  • To completely replace the shift, simply leave the abbreviation as it is.
  • In addition, enter the initial of the colleague who will take on this shift. E.g. PA
  • If necessary, enter comments for planners or managers.
  • Complete the process by clicking SAVE. This should be the result: