Various List Views

Rostify roster planning provides the following list views for the traceability of roster activities:

  • Shift swaps
  • Spontaneous absences
  • Time account changes

Each of the list views has a checkmark field. This field can for example be used to mark events that have been transferred to or perceived by other systems.
When the field is checked, a check mark is placed in the field and the list entry temporarily disappears. When the page is reloaded, the entry is ticked and visible again at the bottom.

A check cannot be undone!

Shift Swaps

All shift swaps for the selected month that were carried out using the shift swap function are displayed here.

Spontaneous Absences

This list shows spontaneous paid absences entered by the supervisory authority, e.g. sick leave.
The first and last day of the absence are shown in the list.

Changes to Time Accounts

All spontaneous overtime hours are shown here, regardless of whether they are full shifts or individual hours.
In addition, the list shows changes to the time account for each employee.