Manage Leave

The list view shows absences requested by employees, sorted by approval status and the first day of the requested absence. Furthermore, the list view can be manually filtered by date AND employee initial.

The following statuses are being used:

  • grey Pending -> these absences can be approved by clicking ACPT or declined by clicking DCLN
  • green Approved - > these absences can be canceled by clicking CNL.
  • blue Canceled -> no further action is possible.
  • red Not approved -> these absences can be approved by clicking ACPT.

If absences are approved, they are immediately entered in the correct place in the roster.

If previously approved absences are canceled, they are also removed from the roster.

If there already are entries in roster for the requested absence dates, the absence cannot be approved. The entries must be removed from the roster before approval.

If an employee wants to postpone an absence that has already been approved, this must be canceled by the planner and then requested again by the employee.