Manage Shift Patterns

When opening the Shift Patterns menu, all the schemata of the selected unit are listed.
Schemes in this list can be modified, deleted or copied.
These actions are possible at any time and have a direct effect on the displays in the roster and in the supervisor dashboard.

A new scheme can be created by clicking on the + symbol.

The designation for the schema and the data for the areas of validity can be selected here.
Shifts must then be defined for each day of the week in the selected area.
As soon as a shift is selected for a day, another drop-down menu opens for the next shift. Any number of the same shift can be selected.
If you want to delete a shift, you have to select the - (minus) symbol. This does not change the number of dropdowns.

If a scheme is only to be created for individual days, the weekday(s) must be within the specified date range.