Interpreting Your Roster

Top row - steel gray background: days of the month.
Second row - gray background: Changes to the current roster.
Last row - white background: current roster.

Day 5: No shift.
Day 6: Scheduled shift with the label A. If you move the mouse cursor over it, further information is displayed.
Day 7: Scheduled shift with the label e0. In addition, 2.5 spontaneous hours of overtime were worked on that day.
Day 8: Spontaneous overtime shift with the label f8
Day 9: Scheduled shift with the label e0. 1.5 unpaid hours were deducted from the shift period. The shift was either started later, ended earlier, or an extended break was recorded.
Day 10: Off duty.
Day 11: scheduled service called e0 . You are absent on this day (in this case K means sick).