Product Description

Product Features

Rights Management

  • Rostify supports an intelligent assignment of rights, which offers each group of employees targeted access and editing options.
  • The most important authorizations include:
    Administrators, Shift Planners, Supervisors (Shift Supervisors) and Employees.
  • There's an additional distinction between Super Admins, Trainers, Trainees and Observers


  • Rostify supports any number of teams (service groups, ATC-units). Employees can be registered in several teams simultaneously.
  • A distinction is made between operational and support area service groups .

Intuitive Shift Planning

  • Planning is done by using freely defined shifts. These are supported by admin-defined shift schemes, simply at the click of a mouse.
  • Thereby, planning is efficient and no shifts can be overlooked or assigned superfluously. Thus, no in-depth rostering design knowledge is necessary.
  • Both the overview of the hours and display of actual / target differences guarantee the allocation will be even and fair.
  • The rest time monitoring triggers an alarm in the event of deviations from (offline defined) legal regulations.
  • Various list views for an overview of shift swaps, overtime or sick leave round off the duty planning module.

Flexible Shift Design

  • Rostify differentiates between ATCO shifts, job sharing office shifts, free time, absences and lastly, placeholders for rostering requests which can be freely defined in terms of scope.
  • Two models of Zwei varying weekly hours are configurable offline.
  • Shifts can be highlighted in various colors for clearer planning.

Ressource Planning

  • Rostify calculates medium-term staff availability for entire months and even individual days using the converging data of shift schedules, planned absences (vacations), and resource requirements in support areas (e.g. training),

Leave Management

  • Employees apply for leave and other absences electronically
  • The type of (paid) absence (leave, special leave, leave of absence, business trip, ...) can be freely defined in the rostering design.
  • Absences are electronically managed, approved and automatically entered in the shift roster with the support of resource planning.
  • The printout of graphically highlighted leave lists increases clarity.
  • The module also contains leave accounts with an overview for employees and managers.

Absence Management

  • Both spontaneous absences as well as paid leave (sick leave, care of duty leave, special leave, ... ) can be entered intuitively and efficiently by members of the "Supervisor" authorization group.
  • Rostify checks, whether a shift needs to be replaced.
  • Any excess within the shift schemata that doesn't have to be replaced is identified immediately.
  • Necessary shift replacements can be announced automatically via SMS to available staff (this can be configured offline) and entered immediately by the supervisor.

Time Account

  • Rostify archives actual / target hours, overtime, public holiday hours, absences and discrepancies in time accounts at the push of a button.
  • A passive time clock function ensures that working hours are recorded exactly, whereby only deviations from the shift roster are entered either by the supervisor or employee.

Employee Self Service - MyRoster

  • Employees have the option to view their own roster and print out group rosters.
  • An overview of performance and hours shows details of your own roster.
  • Compensatory time and overtime are clearly displayed.
  • Leave can be managed electronically, and the personal leave account can be viewed.
  • An online defined number of roster requests can be submitted.
  • The roster can be immediately exported to a personal calendar via ICS export.
  • Clocking in and out is possible at the push of a button, provided it has been activated offline.
  • If it had been activated online, job sharers have the opportunity to design their own rosters.

Shift Swaps

  • Shift swaps are handled intuitively and easily, directly with the swap partner.
  • A rest period check guarantees compliance with legal requirements.
  • Inquiries and acceptance / rejection are sent via SMS.

On The Job Training

  • Trainees can view their trainers' rosters in real time (with protected data being removed).
  • By avoiding "idle times", the efficiency of on-job training can be significantly increased as a result.


  • The Rostify home page shows relevant roster information, depending on the rights granted.
  • The publication of rosters is recorded at a glance.
  • Immediately pending shifts are displayed.
  • Shift swap requests are displayed in mailboxes.
  • Supervisors receive an overview of the daily rosters for service supervision.
  • Administrators get an overview of service groups, users and sent SMS messages.

Additional Functions

  • During the sensitive phase of COVID restrictions, in which redundancy and containment were paramount in safety-critical areas, the - offline definable - TEAM function of Rostify has proven itself.
  • It allows employees to be grouped into teams, with shift swaps only being possible within the teams.


  • With the exemption of night shifts, one shift per day may be planned


  • View: Dashboard, personal roster, group roster, leave account
  • Leave Management
  • Shift Swaps
  • Staff Roster Requests