Publish A Roster

As long as a roster has not been published, it cannot be viewed by any authorization group, except for planners.
After the deadline defined by the admin, employees will only see the information In planning or Scheduling until the roster is published.

The following processes go hand in hand with the publication of a roster:

  • The plan is displayed to the authorization groups Employee and Supervisor.
  • From this moment onwards, shifts can be swapped by employees.
  • All used Placeholder shifts get deleted.
  • The print preview for the overall roster of the unit is made available in the side menu.
  • The actual hours of the initial plan and the target hours are archived.
  • An iOS push message is sent to iOS users.

ATTENTION: The publication of a roster cannot be reversed.

If an employee is registered with several OPS units, their personal roster is only displayed as published when every unit has published its schedule.