Manage Shifts

When opening the Shifts menu, all shifts of the selected unit are listed.
Shifts in this list can be modified or deleted.

Shifts can only be deleted if they have not been used in any roster during the last x months (number of months defined offline by Rostify).

If a shift is modified, this affects all shifts entered in plans (current, in the past and in the future).
Hours that have already been archived are not affected.

A new shift can be created by clicking the + symbol.

Creating A New Shift

Field Description
Shift Title of the shift. We recommend a combination of letters and numbers of max. 2 in the OPS-area and 3 in the support area.
Alien Privacy setting. This is how the shift is displayed to planners from other units. Can basically correspond to the above shift title.
Starting Start time of the shift.
Duration Duration of the shift in hours and decimal hours. Max 23h
Type Text description of the shift. Displayed in the popups for employees and supervisors.
Staff Selectable Can be selected as a request by employees in Employee Self Service.
Active If inactive, the shift does not appear in any dropdowns. Not even with roster scheduling.
TYPE Working Time The employee is present at the job and the shift affects the time account. This shift is shown to the supervisor as requiring replacement if the employee calls in sick.
TYPE Absent Any paid absence. Affects the time account. Does not need to be replaced. Can be requested by the employee. For leave that affects the leave account, please tick "Is leave".
TYPE Spare Time Does not affect the hourly account. Is not displayed as requiring replacement when absent.
TYPE Place Holder Does not affect the hourly account. Is not displayed as requiring replacement when absent. Automatically deleted from the roster when the roster is published. Ideal as a symbol for roster requests.
Shift Group If the same group is assigned to a regular shift (working time) and a place holder, the planner receives an alarm if the employee has selected a place holder as a request and the planner overwrites this request with the shift of another group. In summary, this is a warning in the event that a wish has not been fulfilled.
Category ATCO Regular shift which has to be replaced. Standard for shift work.
Category OFFICE Will not be replaced. Can also be selected or moved by employees in the current month if they have entered a certain "Office" percentage in the user management or if they are "trainees".