Manage Units

As a SUPER-administrator authorization holder you can create, modify and delete units (branches, departments, ... ) .

Click Add new unit to create a new unit.

Field Description
Unit Designator as displayed in the Rostify menu on the left and in headings (max. 7 characters).
Unit Name Designator as displayed on forms and roster printouts.
Unit Address (Internal) address information; displayed on roster printouts
Release Day Current day of the month on which the roster is expected to be published.
This is used to calculate the period from when the roster is displayed as being processed
Deadline Day Current day of the month from which no more entries for the next roster can be made after 11:59 p.m.
This is used to calculate the period from when the roster is displayed as being processed.
Min Staff Warning A graphic representation in resource planning.
If the required number of employees has not been reached, the day is marked in red.
Unit Type OPS - Unit: Regular rosters can be created with full functionality. In order to display a plan to an employee, all OPS departments must have published their plans for the month in which the employee is registered. In short: these departments have all the planning tools and have to publish them monthly.
SPRT - Unit: These units can publish plans on demand (does not have to happen every month). The only available planning tool is the display of the number of shifts. Sick leave or overtime cannot be managed. There is no resource overview, no list view for sick leave and overtime and no possibility for leave management. However, shift units can be defined in the shift scheme area.

In order to Delete a unit, all employees of this unit must have been removed.
For security reasons, the deletion logic is hierarchical: If an employee's roster contains shifts within the last three months, it cannot be deleted. If there are still employees in a unit, it cannot be deleted.